Dr.Amaresh Kundu

Name: Dr.Amaresh Kundu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc.in applied mathematics Ph.D:2013
Teaching Area: Probability,Statistics,Numerical Analysis,Complex Analysis.
Research Interests Fixed point theory, Fuzzy sets, Functional Analysis
Date of Joining in this Institute: 06.03.2017
Previous Teaching Experience ( if any)
  1. Name of the Institute: Siligury Institute of Tecnology
  2. Period: From-16.08.2005  To 04.03.2017

Professional Experience
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1 Some result on Fixed point of weak contractions for non-compatible mappings via (E.A)-like Property. Applied Analysis in biological and physical science, IC MBAA, Aligar, India 2015, Springer. ISSN No-2194-1009

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