Name: Nazme Furkanul Hoque
Designation: Part Time Lecturer in English
Qualification: MA, B. Ed, M. Phil Centre for Excellence, D.O.E.M.E.L, University of Lucknow
Teaching Area: British poetry, fiction and drama.
Research Interests Poetry, Post Colonial Writings, South Asian Literature,Discourse in Conflict and Violence, Comparative Literature, Culture and Religion.
Date of Joining in this Institute: 20.1.2016
Previous Teaching Experience:More Than 5 Years

Professional Experience

Research, Publications, and Academic Contributions:
A) Published Papers in Journals:

Sl. No. Title with vol. No. And page nos. Journal No. Of co-authors ISSN/ISBN No.
1 “Thematic Analysis of Robert Browning’s Love Poems: A Product of Pure Optimism or Jealous Optimism”, Vol.2, No.3. pp 49-59 Glimpses: A Peer Reviewed Bi-Annual Refereed International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research None ISSN No- 2250-0561
2 “Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry: Ground Breaking African American Voices against Racism and Ethnic Inequalities”, Vol.9, No. 1. Pp- 58-64 Wesleyan Journal of Research: A Peer Reviewed Research Journal None ISSN No.
3 “Encoding Borders and Decoding History: A New Historicist Reading of Partition Fictions”, Vol. 15, No. 14. Pp-290-297. Itihas Prabandhamala: A Peer Reviewed Journal None ISSN No.
4 Various Aspects of Mutual Exchange between Bengali and English”
Maiden Issue. No 1, pp-123-130
বঙ্গভাষা-সাহিত্যের সঙ্গে অন্যান্য ভারতীয় ভাষা ও সংস্ক্রিতির পারস্পারিক আদানপ্রদান None

B) (i) Articles/Chapters published in Books:

Sl. No. Title with page nos. Book Title, editor &publisher ISSN/ISBN No.
1 Immigration, Homelessness and Diasporic Responsiveness in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner”, pp-128-136. Critical Essays on Indian Diaspora,
Ed. Bijender Singh. Authors Press: New Delhi, 2015. Print.
2 “Sufferings Under Suppression in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable”,
pp- 77-84.
Indian Dalit Literature: Critical Ruminations, Ed. Bijender Singh. Authors Press: New Delhi, 2015. Print. ISBN No.
3 “Status of Labour, Joblessness and Capitalistic Colonial Exploitation in Mulk Raj Anand’s Coolie”, pp- 92-100. Outlook on Contemporary Indian English Writers: A Critical Exploration,
Ed. R.A.Prajapati, Takhtotaaz: Allahabad, 2016. Print.
4 “Post Partition Violence and Trauma in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines”, pp- 140-149. Indian Writing in English: Critical Insights,
Ed. Bijender Singh. Authors Press: New Delhi, 2014. Print.

(ii) Full Papers in Conference Proceedings:

Sl. No. Title with page nos. Details of Conference Publication ISSN/ISBN No.
1 “Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane: An Exposure to the South Asian Diasporic Sensibilities”, pp-1018-1026. International Conference held in Alipurduar College on Modern Trends in Social and Basic Sciences, Eds. Sailen Debnath,Bhaskar Bagchi and Subhra Mishra. Readers Service: Kolkata, 2015. Print. ISBN No-
2 “The Waterfall: A Protest against Imperialism and Colonial Subjugation”, pp- 234-240. National Seminar held in Chanchal College on Rabindra Natye Protibadi Chetana, Ed. Shyamal Ch.Das. Byanjanbarno: Kolkata, 2014. Print.. ISBN No.
3 “ New Historicism, Borderization and Partition Fictions: History Constructs Fictions or Fictions Deconstruct History  pp-78-83 International Conference held in Dhaka , Bangladesh on History and Heritage,
Ed. S.Sultana. History Academy: Dhaka, 2017.Print.

(iii) Books Published as single author or as editor:

Sl. No. Title with page nos. Type of Book & Authorship Publisher & ISSN/ISBN Nos.

C) Ongoing and Completed Research Projects and Consultancies:
(i)Ongoing Projects / Consultancies

Sl. No. Title Agency Period

(ii)Completed Projects / Consultancies

Sl. No. Title Agency Period

D) Research Guidance:

Sl. No. Number Enrolled Thesis Submitted Degree Awarded
M. Phil or equivalent
Ph.D. or equivalent

(E) (i) Training Courses, Teaching-Learning-Evaluation Technology Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes:

Sl. No. Programme Duration Organised by

(ii). Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars, Workshopand Symposia:


Sl. No. Title of Paper presented Title of Conference/Seminar Organised by Whether international/national/
state/regional/college or university level
1 أXenophobic Racial  Segregation in Lorraine Hansberry’ A Raisin in the Sun Literature and Marginality: Issues and Perspective Department of English, Balurghat College,west Bengal.  2nd March,2015. National
2 Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man: A Diabolic Discourse on Women Victimization and Disempowerment Addressing Gender Discrimination and Initiating Women Empowerment Post Graduate Department of English, Malda College, Malda, WestBengal.

9th -10th may 2015

College Level Seminar- Workshop
3 Translating Bengali Literature into English: Issues, Challenges and Perspective Towards English Studies in India English Studies in India: Changes and Challenges Department of English,Banaras Hindu niversity,

U.P.17-18 Oct,2016

4 Post Renaissance Shakespearean Sonnets: An Insight Through Queer Reading The Renaissance Across Continents and Culture: A Trans-disciplinary Perspective Dept. of English Samsi College. Malda, West Bengal.

9th Jan,2016

5 Mahmoud Darwish and the Territorial Trajectories: Reading, Responses and Resistanc Thinking Literature Across Continents  

Department of English, University of North Bengal. West Bengal.

25,26 & 27th  March,2017

6 Islamophobia and the Post 9/11 World: A Politics of Representation orRepresentational Politics? The Politics of Representation: Interdisciplinary Perspective. Department of English, Central University of Sikkim

1st-3rd Nov,2017

7 Demythifying Religion, Clashing Ethnicity and the Configuration of Civilization in Post 9/11 Narratives: A South Asian Perspective. Narratives of Terror and Violence in South Asia (NOVATISA) Department of English, NEHU,Shillong,NEC & JCSSR-NERC, Shillong, Meghalaya International
8 Positioning Muslims in Post 9/11 Apocalyptic History: A Critical Perspective through Film, Fiction and Politics The 14th International Conference of History and Heritage Itihas Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

23rd Feb. 2018


(iii). Invited Lectures and Chairmanships at national or international conference/seminar etc.

Sl. No. Title of Lecture/Academic Session Title of Conference/Seminar Organised by Whether international/national
1 “Nation Constructs Language or Language Constructs Nation?” Seminar on the International Mother Language Day: Our Pride. History Academy of Bangladesh, Dhaka on 21st February 2017. International
2 “Darwin’s Theory of evolution and the Victorian intellectual Unrest” P.G Level Special Lecture. Department of English,Uttarbangla University College,Kakina, Bangladeshon 28th February 2017 International
3 “Ethnomusicology and Transformation of Poetry” One Day National Level Cultural Workshop on Interdisciplinary Relation between Poetry & Music Jointly Organised by Samsi College, Malda & Sursristi, on 19th August, 2017 National

(iv).Participation in Conferences/Seminars, etc.

Sl. No. Title of Conference/Seminar Organised by Level
1. Different Americas: Resituating American Identity in the Post 9/11 Classroom  Dept of English, Gour Mahavidyalaya in Collaboration with Malda Women’s College. Malda,West Bengal.  28th -29th Nov.2011 National
2. Translation, Bilingualism and Pedagogy: Possibilities, Potentialities, pitfalls P.G Dept. of English, Govt. College , MDU Haryana 14-15 Jan, 2012. National
3. Globalization, Environment and Culture: India and Canada Dept. of English & MEL, University of Allahabad & Indian Association for Canadian Studies. UP. 5th-7th Jan, 2015 International
4. Trajectory of Indian Diaspora, Culture and Ethnicity: Interdisciplinary Approach D.O.E.M.E.L University of Lucknow. UP. 20-21 March,2015 National
5 Nation and Beyond: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Dept. of English, University of Gour Banga, West Bengal 14-15 April,2017 International
6. The Humanities Matter (?) Dept. of English, University of North Bengal. West Bengal,10-11 Feb. 2018 International
7 Postcolonialism and the Subaltern Dept. of English, Raiganj University, Raiganj, West Bengal 6th April,2018 International


Creative Writing: (Bilingual Poet, Bengali &English) Poetry Published in International Magazines and Journals.

Sample Published English Poems:

  1. The Fish Behind’ in The Literary Voyage: An International Journal for Scholarly and Creative Writings, Vol-I, Issue- II, May-August, 2014.
  2. Horizon’ in The Creative Launcher: An International. open access, Peer reviewed E-Journal in English. Vol. I, Issue. I, April.2016.
  3. Two Steps for Re-Heath’ & ‘Vemula’ in The Creative Launcher: An International. open access, Peer reviewed E-Journal in English. Vol. I, Issue. III, August.2016.
  4. To the Lady of DEOMEL’ in The Creative Launcher: An International. open access, Peer reviewed E-Journal in English. Vol. II, Issue. IV, August.2017.
  5.  ‘Mother: A Tribute’ in The Storm: An International English Magazine, Eighth Year, No. 19, October 2014.
  6.  Poems included in Recluse: Contemporary Verses an Anthology of twenty Post Modern Poets, Ed. Varsha Singh. Authors Press: New Delhi, 2018.